Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Developments!

I have heard the call to preach virtually most all of my adult life, I 'preached' sermons in my dreams, now thanks to blogger, I can write those sermons on a blog, I call them, 'Sermon's on the Blog.'

This first one is called; Feed My Jesus! and is based on Matt.25:31-46 of the King James Version Bible.

Feed My Jesus

Think N' Grow!

Hell Not!

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This Senator, an Independent from Vermont named Bernie Sanders, has been fighting for the middle class Americans for most all his life, he is running for the Democrat nomination for President, 2016

Bernie Sanders 2016

When it comes to Bernie, one blog just isn't enough! but this one is it! Enough is Enough!!

Bernie's Heart!

Bible Insites!

Throughout all of my Christian life and learning, I have found the kjv Bible to be a confusing thing, other versions to be even more so. There was a 'missing link' somewhere in the chain of thought and reasoning, I could not see the 'LOVE' of my heavenly Father, although I could certainly feel that LOVE from within me. As a teenager, I prayed for the answer and the next day on my first part-time job, I was assigned the book department, and I came across a book called "There Is A River!; The story of Edgar Cayce, by Thomas Sugrue.

In that life-changing book, was my answer, Reincarnation, now I looked up the Bible referances, and even discovered that Jesus Himself had taught it, and gave an example. The disciples had understood and believed it.

In the early Christian Churches, it was excepted doctrine.

The so-called 'Holy Roman Empire' consisting of the ruling class of Scribes and Pharisees, thought that the belief would badly effect the attendance and tithe's going into the Temple, (follow the money) That same reasoning prevails to this day.


This is a good companion site to Reincarnation; it is called God's R' Us! It also, is in the kjv Bible, and it also was verified by Jesus.

What a relief to know that! ... I was taught that I'm a 'low-down sinner'; God couldn't stand me, a worm, and yet, I was told that I was the 'Child of God'. ...Which is it, I reasoned, it can't be both!

In the 'army' of God, ... the same as the 'army' of mankind; I was told not to question, but to believe... do, or die.

Here is the link to 'God's R Us!...

God's R' Us!

Here is another shocker; especially if you think that all gays are going to hell.

There is two men who fell in love, at least one of them was highly favored by God, perhaps the other one also, at any rate they made vows in a love covenant, and later renewed those vows, I give all verses word for word.

David and Jonathan

Always needed, love calls, it is a blessing! Love!


Political Left

I am a Christian, in the truest sence of the word, because I am a 'follower of Christ!'

I am a 'free' Christian, because I do not attend regular meetings of any organized religion, and I am not afraid to look into 'other' Spiritual Prophets, like the Buddha, their sayings, their advise for living, I find them to be pretty much the same as the sayings of Jesus.

I find that the Bible, what's left of it, has been severly corrupted down thru the dark ages, and even to this very day, modern versions are being made to better conform to the excepted doctrine, and dogma of the organized religion paying for the 'reinterpretation' printing.

Because I am of the Political left, being a Christian Democrat, I thought that I would explain the views of my fellow Democrats. Most Democrat's are also Humanitarians. that's why we were once called "Bleeding Hearts"

The following four blogs are of that nature.


Left Of Christ

Christian Democrats

Liberal Political Views

Artistic! Creating Blogs!

I use the 'Travel' template, it isn't available when you first make the blog, but it is available shortly after, The picture is ugly, but just select 'customize' and your off to a world of creativity.

My blogs are sometimes enhanced with some html coding, Which I have shown how to do all this in this blog....

Creating Blogs

Design 3

Design 2

Design 1

Miscellaneous! Miss Fits!

Think and Grow, this is help with the power of positive thinking!

Think N' Grow!

I love Star Trek, so, why not blog about it!

Boldly Go!

Using my 'poetic licence'.

Just Speculating !